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Introducing Hanslate, the premier freelancing service site where talent meets opportunity. Connect with skilled professionals and explore endless possibilities for your projects today.

"Unlock the Power of Language with Hanslate: Your Premier Language Work Solution"

Introducing Hanslate, the premier language work company offering a wide range of services to meet your linguistic needs. From accurate translation and interpretation to skilled linguists and bilingual speakers, we have the expertise to bridge language barriers effectively. Our team also excels in creating flawless subtitles, providing meticulous proofreading, and delivering exceptional editing services. Trust Hanslate to deliver precise and culturally nuanced solutions, ensuring your message resonates across borders and cultures. Experience the power of language with Hanslate today.

Project Goal

Our goal was to revolutionize the language work industry by providing unparalleled linguistic solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a global network of talented professionals. We aimed to empower businesses and individuals to communicate effectively across languages, cultures, and borders, ensuring accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and exceptional quality in every project we undertook. Through our comprehensive range of services, we strived to break down language barriers and fostered meaningful connections in an increasingly interconnected world.

Technical Details


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Web Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cloud


  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS


  • Free Consultation
  • Web app architecture designing


  • https://hanslate.com/

Technical part

Crafting a Customized WordPress Platform with Unparalleled Expertise

We embarked on a remarkable journey, crafting a comprehensive freelancing platform using the powerful tool of WordPress. With our exceptional expertise, we ventured into the realm of customization, meticulously tailoring both plugins and themes to perfectly align with our clients’ unique requirements. Furthermore, we pushed the boundaries of innovation by developing our own bespoke plugins, integrating cutting-edge features that surpassed expectations. Through this endeavor, we forged a truly exceptional platform, harmonizing functionality, aesthetics, and flexibility, ultimately delivering an unparalleled freelance experience

Idea to Product

Empowering Language Services: The Journey to a Customized Freelancing Platform

Idea and Budget

The client presented their idea of a freelancing website for language services, highlighting their limited budget and lack of industry experience..


Free Consultation

We conducted a free consultation, carefully understanding the client’s vision and constraints.



Based on their requirements and budget, we suggested starting with a WordPress-based website as a cost-effective solution.



We explained how WordPress would be advantageous, allowing the website to be developed within their budget limitations.


Expert Customization

Our experienced team of developers customized the WordPress platform to meet the client’s specific requirements, ensuring a tailored website.


Discussing Limitations

We informed the client about potential limitations related to scalability, load time, and security that could arise in the future.


Gaining Traction

The client’s freelancing platform started attracting clients and gaining traction, demonstrating the potential success of their idea.


Future Planning

During the initial development phase, we discussed the possibility of transitioning to a fully customized web platform in the future, once the business generated substantial revenue.


Cloud Deployment

Wise360 Engineers Select Google Cloud, Utilize Docker Containers and CI/CD Pipeline for Efficient Web App Deployment.


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